Nigeria Palm oil – 2L


Experience real Nigerian cuisine with our palm oil. This Nigerian-sourced natural oil adds flavor and color to recipes. Every kitchen needs it for cooking, frying, and adding depth.

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Our finest Nigeria Palm Oil delivers West African flavors. African cuisine relies on this versatile oil, extracted from oil palm tree fruit, for its bright red color and unusual taste. Enjoy our unprocessed palm oil’s complete range of minerals and antioxidants, perfect for frying, cooking, and adding depth.

  • Nigeria Palm Oil from sustainable sources supports local farmers and communities. We pride ourselves on providing a healthy, eco-friendly oil. This vitamin A and E-rich food improves vision, skin, and immunity.
  • Experience authentic African cuisine with our palm oil. It imparts a distinctive taste and a stunning golden-red hue to soups, stews, and sauces. Preparing jollof rice, egusi soup, or frying plantains using our palm oil will yield superior results.
  • We package our palm oil in handy volumes to maintain freshness and quality. It is considered a pantry essential due to its convenient storage and lengthy shelf life. Our Nigerian Palm Oil enhances the flavor and genuineness of dishes, catering to professional chefs and home cooks.
  • We deliver premium palm oil without additions or preservatives. Our pure, natural, tasty oil is ideal for health-conscious and gourmet enthusiasts. Not merely an ingredient, it brings African cuisine to your home.
  • Experience the difference with our Nigeria Palm Oil. Its inherent healthiness and deep flavor add Africa to every cuisine. It celebrates Nigerian culture, tradition, and cuisine, not just oil.
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