Mama Pride – Whole Ogbono – 70g


Experience the rich and authentic flavors of Africa with Mama Pride Whole Ogbono 70g. These carefully selected ogbono seeds bring a unique taste and texture to your dishes, perfect for creating traditional African soups and stews.

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Experience authentic African cooking with our excellent Whole Ogbono seeds. These seeds from Africa’s lush woods add flavor and thickness to many traditional foods, making them ideal for soups. You can bring the flavors of Africa into your house with ogbono soup, which is also nutritious.

  • Each 70g box contains carefully selected, sun-dried ogbono seeds, which provide soups and stews a rich, earthy flavor and velvety texture. Tasteful and nutritious, ogbono seeds are famous. They include protein, fiber, and vital fatty acids, making them a healthy meal complement.
  • Our Whole Ogbono seeds are easy to use. Whether a pro or new to African cooking, these seeds will help you get ogbono soup’s original taste and consistency. Just a little thickens the soup and adds flavor to improve your cuisine. Enjoy your cuisine with our Ogbono seeds and taste a lifelong experience.
  • Our quality guarantee keeps every pack of Whole Ogbono seeds additive- and preservative-free, retaining their natural goodness and taste. We take great pride in providing a pleasant and nutritious product.
  • Whole Ogbono seeds let you taste Africa’s cuisine. These adaptable seeds will inspire your cuisine and satisfy your taste buds, whether you’re cooking for a special event or adding variety. Ogbono soup brings African flavors to your home and is nutritious.
  • Everyone who wants to taste African food needs our Whole Ogbono seeds. Their thickness, nutritional value, and authentic taste make them cupboard staples. Try them today to learn how to make traditional ogbono soup that will impress your family and friends.
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