Mama Pride – whole Bird’s Eye Chilli Pepper – 80g


Taste Mama Pride Whole Bird’s Eye Chilli Pepper’s powerful heat and bright flavour. These little yet powerful peppers from top farms provide a scorching kick to your recipes. These whole chillies are essential for spice lovers to heat sauces, marinades, and stir-fries. A constant and pleasing spice level is achieved by selecting each pepper for freshness and quality. Mama Pride Whole Bird’s Eye Chilli Pepper adds authentic African flavour to your cooking.

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Mama Pride Whole Birds Eye Chilli Pepper 80g, a spicy culinary staple. These spicy chilli peppers are from the best farms and have a strong flavour. Fans of robust, authentic flavours will adore this product for adding a spicy kick to their cuisine.

  • The Birds Eye Chilli (Pori Piri or Thai Chilli) is recognized for its small size yet powerful heat. One or two of these peppers may add depth and fire to any dish, tantalizing your taste receptors. These chillies will enhance your spicy curry, salsa, or marinade.
  • The flexibility of Mama Pride Whole Birds Eye Chilli Pepper 80g is great. Use them whole, sliced, or powdered. They are great for infusing oils or vinegar, making spicy meat rubs, and flavouring soups and stews. Endless possibilities!
  • These chilli peppers give flavour and health benefits to health-conscious people. Vitamins A and C boost immunity and provide antioxidants. Chilies’ capsaicin increases metabolism and weight loss.
  • Easy chilli pepper storage. A handy 80g pack ensures freshness and endurance. They’ll heat your dishes when you need them if you keep them cool and dry.

For spicy, hot cuisine, Mama Pride Whole Birds Eye Chilli Pepper 80g is a versatile and vital ingredient. These chilli peppers will become a kitchen staple for any chef or home cook.

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