Mama Pride – Pounded Yam – 1.5kg


Enjoy authentic African cuisine with Mama Pride Pounded Yam 1.5kg. This premium product is prepared from carefully picked yams and processed to perfection for that smooth, fluffy texture of traditional African cuisine. This versatile ingredient is vital in any African kitchen for making quick and delicious dishes like pounded yam soup or fufu. Mama Pride Pounded Yam is a healthy, gluten-free option for family meals or special occasions.

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Mama Pride Pounded Yam serves authentic African dishes. West African families use this 1.5kg bundle for soups and stews since it’s smooth and elastic. The highest quality requirements are met when making this pounded yam flour.

  • This simple dish is ideal for busy weeknights or soothing classics. Stir flour into hot water until it’s the right consistency for a wonderful dinner in minutes. Pounded yam with Egusi, Okra, or Ogbono soups makes a filling supper.
  • Mama Pride Pounded Yam is tasty and high in carbohydrates and energy, making it a fantastic diet supplement. The gluten-free label makes it excellent for gluten-sensitive people or those trying to cut gluten.
  • I cannot overstate this product’s ease. Mama Pride Pounded Yam is always available with its long shelf life and easy-to-store package. I recommend keeping it in your cupboard to cook traditional African food or give a distinctive twist.
  • Mama Pride Pounded Yam is a must-try for African food lovers. This pounded yam flour is satisfying and easy to make, whether you’re a veteran cook trying new dishes or a novice.
  • Mama Pride Pounded Yam is versatile and convenient, bringing authentic African cuisine to your table. Its ease of preparation, nutritional value, and wonderful taste make it a great choice for home-cooked African cuisine.
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