Peppersoup Spice – 70g


Mama Pride Pepper Soup Spice lets you enjoy the rich tastes of African food. This 70g pack has the right mix of traditional spices to make your food warmer and more flavorful. It makes soups, stews, and marinades taste better and gives your food a more unique touch. This fragrant and delicious zest blend will take your cooking to an unheard-of level and take your taste buds to Africa. Get yours right away and enjoy the real taste of African food!

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Mama Pride Peppersoup Spice is a great combination of real spices that elevates any soup. Its fragrant smells introduce traditional African food to your cooking. This spice blend is essential for realistic flavouring on foods thanks to its well-chosen components.

  • This 70g spice pack contains exotic spices such as African nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and more, adding to the dish’s rich and nuanced taste. These herbs and spices are pounded into a fine powder to dissolve readily into the soup and release their full flavor.
  • Mama Pride Peppersoup Spice is ideal for pepper soup, stews, and adding flavour to your favourite dishes. You may experiment with various meals using it, giving depth and warmth to each mouthful.
  • Mama Pride Peppersoup Spice packing preserves freshness and strength. Ideal for your pantry, it’s small and simple to store. With no fake tones, flavors, or additives, the zest mix is regular and healthy.
  • Just add the spice combination to your soup or stew while cooking. The meal will gently infuse with rich tastes, generating an irresistible scent. The amount depends on your spiciness and flavor intensity preferences.
  • Mama Pride Peppersoup Spice is needed for real African cooking at home. Its natural spices balance heat and taste, making it a flexible complement to any recipe. This spice combination will improve your meals whether you’re a professional or a home cook.
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