Mama pride – Nigerian brown beans – 4kg


Mama Pride Nigerian Brown Beans 4kg offers a rich, gritty flavor and smooth texture. Ideal for planning traditional Nigerian dishes like Moi and Akara. These beans are a healthy source of protein and fiber, making them a staple in any pantry.

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This excellent 4kg box of Nigerian Brown Beans brings deep, earthy tastes. These beans are a mainstay in Nigerian cuisine and are valued for their nutritional content and adaptability. These carefully grown and picked beans bring Nigeria to your cooking.

  • Enjoy the unusual flavor of these smaller, sweeter brown beans. They make great Akara (bean cakes), Moi Moi (bean pudding), and beans porridge. Their smooth, creamy texture makes them excellent for a warming supper.
  • Nutritionally, these brown beans excel. Protein, fiber, iron, potassium, and folate are abundant in them. Add these beans to your diet to improve digestion, weight management, and health. Their plant-based protein is perfect for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Beans are easy to prepare. Sort, rinse, and soak overnight to minimize cooking time and improve digestibility. You may boil, stew, or add them to soups and salads. They may absorb any dish’s spices and seasonings because of their mild taste.
  • Families and bulk cooks will adore this 4kg set. It guarantees a consistent supply of brown beans for cooking. These beans give a healthy, flavorful touch to Nigerian dishes and new ideas.
  • Enjoy real Nigerian food with these brown beans. Their rich taste, nutritional value, and culinary adaptability make them cupboard must. Add Nigerian flavor to your recipes and enjoy hearty, home-cooked dinners with these excellent brown beans.
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