Mama pride – honey beans oloyin – 4kg


Partake in the rich, nutty kind of Mother Pride Honey Beans Oloyin in this advantageous 4kg pack. These beans are ideally suited for conventional Nigerian dishes and are rich in protein, fibre, and fundamental supplements. Ideal for home cooking or in restaurants.

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A big 4kg box of Mama Pride Honey Beans (Oloyin), a delicious culinary staple. Bean lovers love these delicious, honey-flavoured beans. These beans are carefully picked from the best farms to ensure quality in your cuisine.

  • Preparing Mama Pride Honey Beans is easy. They cook evenly and rapidly, saving cooking time and energy. The richness and creaminess of these beans make them a great basis for Nigerian bean porridge, akara, and moi-moi. Their flexibility makes them a great addition to sweet and savoury cuisines.
  • Nutritionally, Mama Pride Honey Beans excel. They are an extraordinary choice for a reasonable eating routine since they are high in protein, fibre, iron, potassium, and folate. Low fat and long-lasting satiety make them perfect for weight loss and general health.
  • These beans combine flavour, health, and convenience. They store well in a 4kg sack and stay fresh. The packing keeps pests and impurities out, protecting bean quality and flavour.
  • Sustainability and ethical sources make Mama Pride Honey Beans a good option. They are carefully cultivated and harvested to assist local farmers and the environment. These beans are tasty and healthy, plus they help create a more sustainable and fair food system.
  • Every kitchen needs Mama Pride Honey Beans (Oloyin) 4kg. These beans’ sweet flavour, nutritional value, and variety can enhance your recipes, whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook. Keep this wonderful product in your cupboard for tasty and healthy meals to enjoy its convenience, health, and flavour.
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