Mama pride – honey beans oloyin – 1.5kg


Discover the rich taste of Mama Pride Oloyin Honey Beans in a convenient 1.5kg pack. These superior-quality beans are ideal for conventional African dishes, offering a delectable and nutritious meal for your loved ones.

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Enjoy traditional Nigerian cuisine with our premium Mama Pride Honey Beans (Oloyin). To maximize taste and supplements, these beans are painstakingly picked and ready. They arrive in a 1.5kg box and are great for making healthy, delicious dinners.

  • Our Honey Beans are famous in Nigerian foods like Moi and Akara because of their pleasantness. They give a solid supper to your family with protein, fibre, and essential minerals. The beans cook quicker than different kinds, saving you time in the kitchen without sacrificing flavour.
  • Preservative- and additive-free beans are our specialty. Our quality guarantee lets you taste Honey Beans’ natural sweetness in every mouthful. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or new to Nigerian cuisine, Mama Pride Honey Beans are a must-have.
  • Honey Beans provide health advantages and a delicious flavour. They are heart-healthy due to their minimal fat and cholesterol content. Their fibre promotes digestion and weight management. Eating honey beans is a tasty way to be healthy and pleased.
  • These beans are versatile and culturally important in Nigerian cuisine. Many homes utilize them in festive and regular meals. Our Mama Pride Honey Beans bring Nigerian cuisine to your house.
  • Use Mama Pride Honey Beans (Oloyin) in your cuisine for their rich taste and nutrients. These beans will become a kitchen staple for traditional Nigerian cuisine or new twists on your favourite recipes. Enhance your dishes with our premium Honey Beans’ ease, flavour, and health advantages.
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