Lion head Extra Long Golden Sella Rice- 10KG


Enjoy the flavor and aroma of Lion Head Extra Long Golden Sella Rice. Premium grains make this 10kg box ideal for making delicious and fragrant rice meals.

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The excellent Lion Head Extra Long Golden Sella Rice will enhance your cooking experience. This 10kg pack of rice is high-quality and tasty, harvested from the fertile plains and processed carefully. Each grain is meticulously selected to ensure the best enters your kitchen, making it excellent for many meals.

  • With its aroma and elongated grains, this rice cooks airy and non-sticky. Its golden hue enhances every meal, making it a pleasure. Biryani, pilaf, and side dishes benefit from this rice’s quality and flavor.
  • This rice is high in energy and nutrients without sacrificing taste. It is easy to digest and suited for all ages, making it a diverse daily meal option. The 10kg box guarantees a sufficient supply for family and friends, perfect for unexpected gatherings or special events.
  • Lion Head Extra Long Golden Sella Rice absorbs tastes and compliments various spices and ingredients, making cooking enjoyable. Home cooks and professional chefs adore it because its consistent cooking quality makes each meal successful. The fragrance of rice cooking foreshadows great feasts.
  • Luxury lovers need this rice in their pantry. It adds elegance and class to your dinner table and is more than just food. The packaging keeps the rice fresh and fragrant, providing the greatest quality every time you open the bag.
  • Lion Head Extra Long Golden Sella Rice is more than a staple. It symbolizes elegance and excellence and will make every meal special. Its great taste, nutritional value, and adaptability make it ideal for chefs who seek the best.
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