Lion head Easy cook Rice-20KG


Discover the comfort of Lion Head Easy Cook Rice in a 20kg bag. This exceptional rice assortment is easy to fluffy and is ideal for different dishes. Purchase now for an extraordinary arrangement and elevate your cooking experience

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Lion Head Easy Cook Rice is a versatile, easy-to-prepare essential for any kitchen. This 20kg container of rice is popular with chefs and home cooks for its uniform grains, fluffy texture, and wonderful flavour. This rice’s quality and flavour will wow anybody you prepare for.

  • Easy Cook, Lion Head Each grain of rice is prepared to cook correctly every time, It cooks quickly without soaking or stirring. Simply add rice to boiling water, lower heat, and simmer until cooked. The outcome is flawlessly cooked rice with a fluffy texture and delicious scent that enhances any meal.
  • Versatility is Lion Head Easy Cook Rice’s strength. It complements everything from substantial stews to delicious curries. Its neutral flavour makes it a wonderful basis for pilafs, fried rice, and other rice-based meals, letting you experiment with fresh flavours.
  • Lion Head Easy Cook Rice tastes wonderful, is versatile, and is healthful. It’s naturally gluten-free and low in fat, making it perfect for many diets. It also provides energy by releasing carbs slowly, keeping you full.
  • Large families, catering events, and cooks and entertainers would adore the 20kg bundle. The robust, resealable package keeps the rice fresh and tasty until usage. This rice box is perfect for cooking for a party or filling your cupboard.
  • Lion head, Easy Cook Rice is handy for adding a tasty and healthy staple to your diet. Chefs and family cooks love it for its quality, flavour, and convenience of preparation. This rice’s flavour and texture will wow you whether you’re making à regular dinner or a spectacular feast.
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