Lady B – Custard Powder – 2kg


Taste Lady B Custard Powder’s creamy richness. This high-quality custard mix makes wonderful treats. Lady B Custard Powder tastes great in cakes, trifles, and other sweets.

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This rich and creamy Lady B Custard Powder 2kg delivers the nostalgia of homemade custard to your kitchen. This custard powder is easy to make and great for desserts and puddings made from the best ingredients. Lady B Custard Powder will thrill your taste senses whether you make a custard tart or a dollop over your favourite cake.

  • Home and commercial use of Lady B Custard Powder is easy with its 2kg package. This custard powder is affordable for making an entire batch or stocking your pantry. The resealable pack keeps custard powder fresh, so you can enjoy its creamy sweetness whenever you want.
  • Every kitchen needs Lady B Custard Powder, which is flexible and easy to use. Milk, sugar, and powder make a creamy, delectable custard when heated until thickened. This custard powder can make a trifle or top fruit salads and pies. Its silky texture and rich flavour please kids and adults.
  • Lady B Custard Powder’s rich and creamy texture makes it versatile in desserts. This custard powder will impress in custard pies, trifles, or alone. Dessert lovers of all ages adore its silky texture and exquisite flavour.
  • High-quality ingredients make Lady B Custard Powder creamy and delicious when eaten. Classic and unique desserts taste and feel better with this custard powder. Women’s B Custard Powder makes desserts rich.
  • Lady B Custard Powder 2kg adds luxury to desserts and is adaptable. This custard powder will satisfy your sweet tooth whether baking or eating out. Lady B Custard Powder makes homemade custard creamy and rich.
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