KTC Pure Sunflower Oil -1ltr


Get the best cooking experience with KTC Unadulterated Sunflower Oil! This 1-litre bottle offers superior-grade, adaptable cooking oil for all your culinary needs. Ideal for searing, baking, and salad dressings, it’s a kitchen fundamental. Purchase now for top-notch cooking fixings delivered to your doorstep.

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Our high-quality sunflower oil is the ideal cooking partner. This 1-litre bottle, produced using premium sunflowers, is a family staple. Its gentle taste and light, non-oily surface make it ideal for frying, baking, salad dressings, and marinades.

  • Our sunflower oil is healthy and keeps a reasonable eating routine because of its vitamin E and important unsaturated fats. Its high smoke point keeps it nutritious even at high temperatures, making it amazing for frying and sautéing without health risks.
  • This sunflower oil has no chemicals or preservatives, so you can cook naturally and healthily. Our sunflower oil is ideal for stir-fries and gourmet meals, adding a mild, clean flavour without overwhelming.
  • Its 1-litre container makes it convenient to store and use in cooking. Ergonomic grip and controlled pouring reduce spillage and waste. This sunflower oil is fundamental for gourmet specialists and home cooks.
  • Sustainability and ecological responsibility are our priorities. Economical farms provide our sunflower oil, giving brilliant quality and ecological sustainability. Our sunflower oil is nutritious and upholds sustainable cultivation.
  • Try our pure sunflower oil for better cooking. It’s ideal for all your culinary requirements because of its variety, health advantages, and sustainability. Try it now to improve your cooking.
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