KTC Extended Life Vegetable Oil- 5ltr


Buy KTC Expanded Life Vegetable Oil 5Ltr. Ideal for frying, baking, and cooking, this excellent vegetable oil offers an extended shelf life and is reasonable for different culinary applications. Request now for helpful home delivery.

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This 5-litre container of KTC Extended Life Vegetable Oil is versatile for household and commercial kitchens. This oil has a high smoke point and nutrients from healthy veggies, making it ideal for frying, cooking, and baking. It’s cheaper and simpler to cook with due to its lengthier recipe.

  • Experience KTC Extended Life Vegetable Oil’s great quality for modern cooking. This vegetable oil provides consistent results whether you’re preparing a large family dinner or a party. This neutral taste complements the natural flavours of your ingredients in many dishes.
  • 100% pure vegetable oil without additives or preservatives makes KTC Extended Life Vegetable Oil a healthier cooking option for your family. The high smoke point makes it ideal for deep frying, giving items a crisp, golden finish without losing taste. For long-lasting freshness, every home cook and professional chef needs this vegetable oil.
  • This 5-litre KTC Extended Life Vegetable Oil bottle is ideal for filling your pantry or catering kitchen. It’s simple to pour and has a robust handle, and its long shelf life guarantees you always have vegetable oil. This vegetable oil is dependable for cooking for one or several.
  • For all your cooking needs, KTC Extended Life Vegetable Oil is cholesterol-free and trans-fat-free. Its light texture and clean taste make it great for frying and baking. Every kitchen needs this high-quality, long-lasting vegetable oil.
  • KTC Expanded Life Vegetable Oil is great for all your cooking needs. Its high smoke point and nonpartisan taste make it appropriate for sautéing, searing, and baking. This vegetable oil is useful and reliable for all your culinary requirements because of its long timeframe of realistic usability and basic bundling.
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