HorseHoe – Ground rice – 10kg


Find the best Horseshoe Ground Rice in a 10kg bundle. Professional chefs and family cooks use this milled rice for many culinary uses. Its fine texture and neutral flavour make it suitable for baking, sauce thickening, and gluten-free foods. Enhance your cooking with this versatile and necessary ingredient.

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Premium, finely ground Horsehoe Ground Rice in a compact 10kg box. Kitchens need this versatile component for a range of dishes. The rice is meticulously processed to a fine texture, making it excellent for smooth, consistent dishes.

  • Quality and flavour are guaranteed with Horsehoe Ground Rice, made from handpicked rice grains. For thickening soups and sauces and making rice cakes, puddings, and porridges, it is ideal. Its fine consistency blends into recipes and adds a delicate, light feel.
  • Easy usage is a major feature of this pounded rice. You may easily add it to your favourite recipes whether you’re an expert chef or a home cook. It’s a decent gluten-free substitute to wheat flour since it has an equivalent surface and binding qualities.
  • The 10kg package is durable and convenient. It keeps ground rice on hand for cooking and is simple to store and maintain. The robust container keeps the goods fresh and weatherproof.
  • Horsehoe Ground Rice provides energy from readily digested carbs. No cholesterol and minimal fat make it a healthy complement to your diet. Its mild taste makes it a versatile component for sweet and savoury meals.
  • Horsehoe Ground Rice is essential for versatile, high-quality cooking. Its delicate texture, convenience of usage, and nutritional value make it a useful culinary addition. This pounded rice will enrich your dishes, whether they’re classic or experimental.
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