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Enjoy authentic West African cuisine with Home Taste Hausa Koko 500g. Ghanaian breakfasts include fermented millet porridge flour. Its silky texture and rich, somewhat sour taste make it a unique and nourishing morning drink. Hausa Koko is a healthy, unusual breakfast alternative that’s easy to make. Serve hot with your favourite sides for a full supper.

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Home Taste Hausa Koko, a West African porridge, provides real African flavours to breakfast. This 500g pack of carefully selected millet grains is ideal for individuals who enjoy its deep, earthy taste in a practical, easy-to-prepare form.

  • Hausa Koko is a cultural experience, not just a cereal. Because millet is fermented, this porridge has a peppery, somewhat acidic flavour that many West African families love. Fermentation improves taste and nutritional content, making porridge a nutritious breakfast option.
  • This porridge is easy to make. Mix it with water and simmer for a few minutes to make it creamy. You can add sugar, honey, or milk to taste. For a robust breakfast, serve it with fried bean cakes (akara) or sweet fried dough (puff-puff).
  • Millet contains magnesium, phosphorus, and antioxidants. Gluten-free, so celiacs will adore it. The high fibre content aids digestion and keeps you full, making it a suitable weight control option.
  • This 500g Home Taste Hausa Koko pack is ideal for families and individuals. It’s easy to store and lasts long, so you always have a healthy breakfast. Whether you like traditional African food or want to try something new, this porridge will satisfy your taste senses and fuel your day.
  • Home Taste Hausa African breakfasts at Koko are distinct and delicious. Anyone wishing to spice up breakfast should try it for its convenience, nutritional value, and taste.
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