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Fremu’s Hard Chicken 5kg completes your culinary wonders. Our hard chicken is fresh, high-quality, and tasty because it comes from good farms. This 5-kilogram bag has enough for many recipes, making it great for cooking. We raise poultry to the highest standards, so enjoy your meals even more.

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Fremu’s 5 kg bag of hard chicken, a premium feed for poultry, is sure to please. This feed’s nutritional ingredients help chickens operate at their best.

  • This robust poultry feed works for laying hens and broilers. This substance helps broilers grow into market-ready birds and laying hens lay more eggs. The robust container keeps feeding fresh and pest-free.
  • The feed’s elevated protein content confers advantages to hens by facilitating muscle development and enhancing general well-being. Calcium, together with other minerals and vitamins included in the diet, contributes to the maintenance of appropriate dental and skeletal well-being.
  • Your hens will thoroughly like this feed due to its delectable flavour and high nutritional content. Chickens need to acquire sufficient nutrients from their diet in order to maintain their health and efficiency.
  • This feed distinguishes out for its built-in usability. The 5 kg bag is ideal for tiny flocks or backyard hen owners who don’t need much feed. The robust container keeps feeding fresh and pest-free.
  • Looking to feed your chickens a nutritious diet? The 5 kg package of hard chicken feed is fantastic. This feed has everything your hens need to flourish, whether they’re for eggs or meat. The sturdy container ensures that the food remains fresh and free of pests.
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