Green dragon – AAA Thai hom malu fragrant rice – 20kg


Experience the authentic taste of Thailand with Green Dragon AAA Thai Hom Mali Fragrant Rice. Filled in the lavish fields of Thailand, this superior-quality rice is known for its fragile smell, soft surface, and heavenly flavour. Ideal for making magnificent Asian-roused dishes at home.

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Experience the best rice with Green Dragon AAA Thai Hom Malu Fragrant Rice. This rice type from Thailand’s beautiful rice terraces has a delicious flavour, fluffy texture, and outstanding smell. This rice is ideal for chefs and rice lovers since each grain is carefully picked for quality.

  • Our Green Dragon AAA Thai Hom Malu Fragrant Rice works well in traditional Asian and contemporary fusion meals. Its unpretentious fragrance and rich flavour supplement any dinner, making it a flexible cooking part. This rice will upgrade any dish, from sautéed food to curry.
  • Green Dragon AAA Thai Hom Malu Fragrant Rice is tasty and healthy. It is normally without gluten and low in fat, making it a healthy family choice. It likewise contains nutrients, minerals, and cell reinforcements that are really great for you.
  • Advanced packaging seals in the natural fragrance and flavour of our rice, ensuring freshness and quality. This keeps rice fresher, so you may enjoy its delicious flavour every time you cook. Our 20kg box is ideal for rice-using homes and companies.
  • Sustainability and ethical farming are our priorities at Green Dragon. Our rice is farmed sustainably to reduce land and water use. We collaborate with local farmers to help the community and ensure fair salaries.
  • Try Green Dragon AAA Thai Hom Malu Fragrant Rice. Whether you’re cooking for yourself, your family, or your clients, our rice will enhance your meals. Order now to taste Thailand’s rich tastes in every mouthful.
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