Green Dragon – AAA Thai Hom Mali Fragrant Rice – 5kg


Experience the superior nature of Green Dragon AAA Thai Hom Mali Fragrant Rice. Obtained from Thailand, this rice is known for its great smell, fleecy texture, and magnificent taste. Ideal for making real Thai dishes or improving any dinner. Available in a convenient 5kg pack.

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Try Green Dragon AAA Thai Hom Mali Fragrant Rice for authentic Asian food. Its exceptional quality and aromatic flavour make this 5kg bundle of rice from Thailand’s beautiful fields a culinary delight. Our grains are selected for the greatest taste and texture. Jasmine rice’s pandan-like scent adds character to any dish.

  • Our Thai Hom Mali rice is farmed with optimal sunshine and rain. This careful cultivation yields thin, shiny rice grains of unparalleled quality. Fine, fluffy grains cling together for fork and chopstick eating. Its natural aroma and subtle sweetness enhance simple foods.
  • Families and Asian food lovers will love this 5kg bundle for its versatility. This rice’s original flavour and scent will improve your sushi, fried rice, or side dishes. Instead of simply a core ingredient, it’s a trip through Thai cuisine that brings Southeast Asia to your home.
  • Beyond taste and quality, this rice is sustainable and ethical. Fair and green production benefits Thai farmers and communities. Buy this product to enjoy a gourmet ingredient and help build a more sustainable and fair food system.
  • A simple water-to-rice ratio makes this rice easy to cook. Your kitchen becomes an exotic perfume wonderland as each cook releases its own scent. It goes with fiery curries and delicate broths, making it a versatile culinary addition.
  • Green Dragon AAA Thai Hom Mali Fragrant Rice encourages you to explore Thai cuisine’s rich tapestry. Chefs and home cooks like it for its scent, taste, and fluffiness. This rice gives dishes authenticity and shine.
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