Gourmet – plantain chips – sweet yellow – 60g


Delicious Sweet Yellow Gourmet Plantain Chips are tropical. For healthier chip alternatives, each 60g bag is crunchy and delicious. These chips are a yummy and tasty snack.

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Indulge in sweet Crispy Plantain Chips, a delightful all-natural snack made from ripe plantains. These expertly crafted chips offer a satisfying crunch and come in a variety of mouthwatering flavours. These are the perfect sweet yellow plantain snacks.

  • Premium, sun-ripened plantains
  • Expertly sliced, fried, and seasoned
  • Healthy snacking option

Choose Gourmet – plantain chips – sweet yellow Crispy Plantain for an irresistibly crunchy and natural snack. Elevate your snacking experience today!

Sweet Yellow Gourmet Plantain Chips are a delightful nibble with the right mix of sweetness and crunch. These sweet and crunchy chips in a 60g sack fulfil your sweet and crunchy cravings at home, working, or in a hurry.

  • Pick ready plantains, thinly cut them, and afterwards cook them flawlessly for our Sweet Yellow Plantain Chips. This methodology gives each chip a brilliant shade and wonderful crunch that will make your taste detect dance. As the plantains cook, their inherent sweetness intensifies, making these chips compelling.
  • These delectable chips are more grounded than ordinary potato chips. A sound tidbit: plantains contain fibre, vitamins An and C, and potassium. For irreproachable eating, our chips include not many ingredients and no additives or flavors.
  • Great alone or with your favourite dips and salsas, our Gourmet Plantain Chips are perfect for any occasion. You’ll appreciate their sweetness and crunch on any snack tray. These chips will please you during a party, movie, or snack.
  • We recommend our Sweet Yellow Plantain Chips for health-conscious consumers. Their gluten-free status makes them suitable for celiacs. They also meet a variety of dietary needs by being vegan.
  • Our Gourmet Plantain Chips in Sweet Yellow for a delicious, refreshing bite. The chips’ natural sweetness, delectable crunch, and healthy benefits will make them a bite staple. Get a pack of these heavenly plantain chips for a bite and partake in their flavour and crunch.
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