Gourmet – plantain chips – green with salt – 60g


Experience the ideal mix of crunch and flavour with our Gourmet Plantain Chips. Produced using new green plantains and softly prepared with salt, these chips offer a delightful and solid option in contrast to traditional snacks. Partake in the regular desire for each 60g pack. Ideal for in a hurry eating or sharing with friends.

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Indulge in Crispy Plantain Chips, a delightful all-natural snack made from ripe plantains. These expertly crafted chips offer a satisfying crunch and come in a variety of mouthwatering flavours. These are the perfect natural green plantain flavour with some salt added.

  • Premium, sun-ripened plantains
  • Expertly sliced, fried, and seasoned
  • Healthy snacking option

Choose Gourmet – plantain chips green with salt Crispy Plantain for an irresistibly crunchy and natural snack. Elevate your snacking experience today!

Gourmet Plantain Chips with a wonderful green salt combination enhance your eating pleasure. The finest plantains are used to make these crispy, tasty chips. Green salt, a gourmet ingredient, gives a slight but distinct flavour to the already delicious plantain chips.

• Plantain chips are delicious and more healthier than potato chips. They make a guilt-free snack in view of their supplements and minimal fat. These chips are perfect for alone time or with others.

• The 60g pack fits in your backpack or desk drawer for fast snacks. The resealable package keeps the chips fresh and crispy, so you can enjoy their crunchy crunch every time.

• Eat these Gourmet Plantain Chips with your favourite dips or salsas or straight from the bag. They lend gourmet flair to daily snacks and may be used with any dinner.

• Each chip of these plantain chips is carefully cut and baked to golden perfection. The pack tastes consistent due to the equally dispersed green salt seasoning. This attention to detail makes these chips premium for snackers.

• When you want crunchy, salty, and tasty, get a bag of Gourmet Plantain Chips Green Salt. It’s the best approach to fulfil your snack needs with a unique and delightful gourmet treat. Enjoy the delicious taste and quality of these plantain chips and make munching exciting.

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