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Golden Penny Semovita is a premium wheat meal that makes wonderful recipes. Its 5kg bundle is perfect for families and large groups. Simple to make, it adds a smooth, pleasing texture to any recipe. Golden Penny Semovita is a healthful and delicious choice for classic African soups and new dishes.

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With Golden Penny Semovita, a premium semolina flour that adds gold to your table, discover traditional African cooking. This 5kg bundle of premium wheat lets you enjoy a variety of tasty and healthy meals for all tastes and diets.

  • The fine texture and pure white colour of Golden Penny Semovita make it ideal for making smooth, lump-free semolina pudding, a West African staple. It allows creative spaghetti, bread, and dessert recipes. Delicious semolina flour with protein, vitamins, and minerals is a healthy food.
  • Gold Penny Semovita is easy to make. You can cook a tasty meal quickly, regardless of your skill level. Its consistency and quality ensure consistent results, making the flour a reliable element for everyday and special occasions.
  • Golden Penny Semovita is a conscious decision for sustainability and ethical sourcing. Each container of semolina flour uses wheat from trusted farms to promote a more sustainable and equitable food system. You may enjoy great food and support responsible agriculture by purchasing Golden Penny Semovita.
  • The 5kg Golden Penny Semovita bundle is perfect for large families or hosts. It provides enough semolina without losing flavour or nutrients, making it a cost-effective and high-quality African culinary option.
  • Golden Penny Semovita goldenizes meals. Excellent semolina flour is the key to great and healthful meals, whether you’re cooking a traditional pudding, exploring new recipes, or just adding something beneficial. Golden Penny Semovita adds Africa’s rich taste to every meal.
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