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Experience the rich kind of traditional Ghanaian cuisine with our Kokonte Flour. This 1kg bundle offers a helpful method for making delightful, without-gluten dishes. Ideal for making your favorite stews, soups, and porridges, Kokonte Flour is a staple in any African kitchen.

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Enjoy the real flavor of Ghana with this excellent Kokonte, a West African staple loved for centuries. This 1kg box of Kokonte flour showcases Ghana’s culinary tradition with finely picked cassava roots. For people who value pure, natural components in their diet, this product delivers a delicious and nourishing experience.

  • Kokonte, or cassava flour, is versatile and may be used in many cuisines. This flour is perfect for making a substantial morning porridge or a thick, delicious soup or stew. With its delicate texture and capacity to absorb flavors, it’s a great basis for experimenting with dishes and bringing Ghana to your kitchen.
  • Its simplicity of processing makes Kokonte flour stand out. This flour may be turned into a smooth, elastic dough that can be molded and baked in a few easy steps. No matter your cooking experience, you’ll find the procedure simple and fun, making it ideal for hectic weeknights or weekend dinners.
  • Kokonte is tasty, versatile, and healthy. Its high fiber content further develops absorption and keeps you full. It’s likewise gluten-free, making it an incredible choice for gluten-sensitive individuals or those attempting to chop down.
  • Ghana Taste Kokonte flour is genuine and high-quality. Its 1kg bag makes it ideal for replenishing your cupboard with a healthful and tasty staple. This flour will become a favorite whether you’re cooking for yourself or with family.
  • More than an ingredient, Kokonte flour celebrates Ghanaian culture and shows how delightful natural, basic meals can be. This product will inspire and delight you with every mouthful, whether you’re a longtime African food aficionado or trying new flavors.Top of Form
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