Ghana Taste Banku Mix -500g


Experience the real kinds of Ghana with our customary Banku Blend. Produced using top-notch ingredients, this 500g pack is ideal for making delicious, healthy meals. Partake in a taste of Africa in your kitchen with Ghana Taste Banku Mix.

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With this real Banku Mix, explore Ghana’s cuisine. Designed to bring Ghanaian tastes to your kitchen, this 500g container of finely ground maize and cassava provides a distinct taste and texture vital to many West African cuisines. Banku, a Ghanaian classic, pairs well with stews and sauces due to its somewhat sour taste and smooth, stretchy texture.

  • Making this dish at home has always been difficult. The combination is easy, so even African food beginners can make great Banku every time. Mix with water, simmer, and whisk until desired consistency. A flexible, healthy meal basis may be served with grilled fish, okra stew, or any other traditional sauce.
  • Health-conscious people will love this Banku Mix’s taste and nutrients. The natural components provide carbs, fibre, and vitamins for prolonged energy and well-being. Its gluten-free status makes it acceptable for persons with dietary limitations.
  • This Banku Mix is essential for exploring Ghana’s culinary traditions. It captures the flavours and textures of typical Ghanaian food, transporting you to its busy marketplaces and bright kitchens.
  • This product celebrates cultural heritage as well as flavour and nutrition. You may bring a bit of Ghana into your house by connecting with its customs and cuisine. This Banku Mix will inspire and excite any chef or foodie.
  • This Banku Mix offers an entryway to Ghanaian cuisine’s rich, diversified tastes. Its simplicity of preparation, health advantages, and genuine flavour make it a wonderful addition to any kitchen, urging you to try Ghanaian cuisine.
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