Ghana fresh – palmnut cream concentrate – 800g


Spice up your favorite seafood with Old Seasoning Fish Seasoning. This 500g bundle of spices and herbs is precisely blended to enhance fish preparations. It’s essential for seafood lovers who barbecue, bake, or fry.

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Old Seasoning Fish Seasoning is a quality combination that brings real flavor to fish meals. A culinary treasure, this 500g bag infuses your fish with a symphony of flavors representing tradition and excellence. This spice is the key to delicious meals for chefs and home cooks alike.

  • Old Flavoring Fish Preparing is a mix of flavors and spices to upgrade your fish’s regular flavors. This flavor gives dishes depth and character with every sprinkle, from the faint suggestion of thyme to the soft warmth of paprika. It’s more than a seasoning—an invitation to experience seafood’s unique flavors.
  • Using this seasoning is simple and enjoyable. Sprinkle it over fish before cooking, or add it to marinades and sauces for flavor. It works well for grilling, baking, and frying. When you season your fish with Old Seasoning Fish Seasoning, you create a sensory experience.
  • This fish seasoning stands out for excellence. Its natural components and lack of chemicals and preservatives make it a superb option. This spice brings healthy, genuine flavors to your table, making your food delightful and healthful.
  • Cooks and experimenters will adore this 500g bundle. This big quantity will last you through many culinary experiences, making it a spice cupboard mainstay. Old Seasoning Fish Seasoning helps you make unique dishes that will leave everyone wanting more, whether you’re cooking a family dinner or a special feast.
  • Old Seasoning Fish Seasoning celebrates flavor and heritage, not simply spices. It’s a showcase for spice designed to enhance seafood recipes. Elevate your culinary and tasting trip with this beautiful spice, a must-have for luxury lovers.
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