Fremu – Rose Coco beans – red white – 900g


Increase your cooking experience with Fremu Rose Coco Beans. These excellent beans bring color to recipes with their red and white colors. These beans add flavor and nutrition to soups, salads, and main meals, making eating a pleasure every time.

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Rose Coco Beans are versatile and healthful, with a rich, nutty taste and substantial texture. In a handy 1kg box, these red and white beans provide a flavor and visual feast for your cuisine. These beans enhance a hearty stew, colorful salad, or classic curry.

  • Rose Coco Beans are a great plant-based protein option due to their high protein content. Their high fiber content guides processing and tops you off, making them ideal for weight reduction. Iron, potassium, and magnesium are additionally tracked down in them, further developing health.
  • These beans absorb tastes well, giving them a great basis for herbs and spices. These beans will enrich your dishes whether you’re using powerful tastes or traditional pairings. They may be used in many dishes and are easy to prepare—just soak and boil.
  • Rose Coco Beans are famous globally for their variety and health advantages, not only in African and Caribbean cuisines. They may replace meat in vegetarian and vegan soups, salads, casseroles, and more. Their sturdy nature makes them cook nicely and give each mouthful a pleasing bite.
  • Try these beans to broaden your palate. They enhance meals by letting you try new flavors and sensations. These beans are a simple way for beginners and experts to add diversity and nutrients to their diets.

Rose cocoa beans are a gastronomic delight waiting to be discovered. They will become a kitchen staple due to their delicious flavor, nutritional value, and convenience of use. So why delay? Make these beans the star of your next dish.

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