Dunns river Cornmeal fine – 1.5kg


Fremu sells Dunn’s River Fine Cornmeal 1.5kg, a Caribbean treat. Every kitchen has this fine cornmeal for cornbread, porridge, and festival dumplings. Its premium corn ensures a smooth texture in all your dishes. Dunn’s River Fine Cornmeal is your secret to real Caribbean flavors in sweet and savory dishes.

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The flexible Dunns River Cornmeal Fine is needed in every cuisine. From cornbread and muffins to cornmeal pancakes and polenta, this fine-ground cornmeal is versatile. It combines well and cooks evenly due to its delicate texture.

  • This 1.5kg box provides enough cornmeal for various uses. This cornmeal adds rich maize flavor to recipes for home cooks and chefs alike. This fine texture makes it great for thickening soups and sauces, giving depth and body.
  • Dunns River Cornmeal Fine is milled to perfection from high-quality maize for the greatest taste and texture. Carbohydrate-rich, it offers you energy all day. No cholesterol and low fat make it a good diet food.
  • Versatility makes this cornmeal amazing. You can try different flavors and meals with it in sweet and savory recipes. There are numerous cornbread recipes, from sweet to savory. It also gives fried items a crispy coating, providing crunch.
  • Cooking with Dunns River Cornmeal Fine is simple. Stir it with water or milk to make a smooth batter, then cook it per your instructions. This cornmeal is easy to use and yields consistent results when baking, frying, or boiling.
  • Dunns River Cornmeal Fine is essential for cooks. Its fine texture, adaptability, and quality make it ideal for many meals. This cornmeal impresses while making cornbread or trying new recipes.
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