Dunn’s River Barbecue Seasoning – 100g


Experience the true taste of the Caribbean with Dunn’s River Barbecue Seasoning. This 100g pack is great for upgrading the kinds of your barbecued or cooked dishes. Lift your barbecue experience with this ideal mix of spices, carefully created to carry a zesty kick to your meals.

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With our premium Dunns River Barbecue Seasoning, a perfect combination of herbs and spices, add Caribbean flavours to your barbecue. This 100g bag is carefully blended with smokey, sweet, and spicy flavours to make your BBQ recipes amazing.

  • Our barbecue seasoning uses premium ingredients for optimal freshness and strength. This spice adds flavour to chicken, beef, pork, and vegetables, making them stand out. Those who want to experiment with various cuisines and add an ethnic flavour should try it.
  • This spice is essential in every cooking due to its flexibility. You can season grilled, roasted, or pan-fried foods with it, not only barbecues. Its strong flavour makes it a great dry rub or marinade for tenderizing and flavouring meats.
  • Healthy eaters will appreciate our seasoning’s natural components and lack of preservatives and artificial flavours. It’s a healthier alternative to standard spices, so you may enjoy barbecue without sacrificing your diet.
  • The 100g bag is great for home usage, allowing you to experiment with recipes and discover your perfect flavour combination. For entertainers, it has enough spice to make numerous dishes and provide all your guests with a delicious meal.
  • For Caribbean-inspired recipes, our Dunns River Barbecue Seasoning is adaptable, tasty, and nutritious. This seasoning will become a cupboard essential for chefs and home cooks wishing to spice up their food.
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