Fremu Dry Ground nuts – 1kg


Discover natural deliciousness with our 1kg premium dry ground nut box. These ground nuts from top farms combine flavour and nutrition. They are a great snack anytime due to their protein and healthy fat content. Our dry ground nuts are a nutritious and enjoyable snack for on-the-go or meal prep.

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Enjoy the rich, nutty flavour of our Dry Ground Nuts, a nutritious nibble for any occasion. This 1kg container contains excellent ground peanuts, expertly picked and dried to retain their natural flavour and nutritional content. These dry ground nuts are perfect for snacks, crispy toppings, and healthy entrees.

  • Our Dry Ground Nuts are a wonderful protein snack for busy people or those seeking plant-based protein. They also include beneficial fats, vitamins, and minerals, including vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium, which promote a balanced diet and health. Eat these ground nuts to stay energised and satiated all day.
  • Dried ground nuts are great for cooking because of their flexibility. They go in peanut sauces, stews, cookies, and cakes. These may be roasted with your favourite seasonings for a tasty snack or blended into homemade peanut butter for a natural spread.
  • Ground nuts are ideal for pantry storage in the 1kg bag. These ground nuts are easy and tasty for cooking for a crowd, meal planning, or a fast snack. The packaging keeps the nuts fresh and crispy, so you can enjoy their natural flavour and texture anytime you want.
  • Many cultures use dry ground nuts to add depth and richness to foods. They are essential in African, Asian, and South American cuisine for both traditional and modern dishes. Explore different flavours and culinary traditions by adding ground nuts to your recipes.
  • Peanut lovers need our Dry Ground Nuts for flavour and nutrition. They are easy to snack on, prepare, and bake and healthful for any diet. These dry powdered nuts are delicious alone or in your favourite recipes.
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