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Cadbury Bourn Vita, the ultimate energy booster in 900g, tastes and is nutritious. This chocolate-malted drink contains vitamins and minerals for active living. Bourn Vita energises you during and after exercise. Mix it with hot or cold milk for a pleasant, healthful drink. Cadbury Bourn Vita boosts energy!

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Cadbury Bourn Vita, a creamy chocolate malt drink, is delicious anytime. Malted barley, wheat flour, milk solids, and chocolate make this 900g bag nutritious for kids and adults. Bourn Vita is great for morning energy or nighttime relaxation.

  • Cadbury Bourn Vita is tasty and nutritious. Vitamin D aids calcium absorption, and Iron boosts memory. Vitamins B2 and B12 increase energy and minimise weariness. Bourn Vita boosts energy and health in you and your family.
  • Delicious chocolate malt drink is easy to create. Add a few spoonfuls of hot or cold milk and stir for a wonderful chocolate drink. The perfect guilt-free chocolate is healthy and delectable.
  • Bourn Vita tastes wonderful alone and is versatile. It adds chocolatey flavour to smoothies, shakes, and baked goods. It enhances flavour and adds nutrition to meals. A scoop of Bourn Vita makes a difference in smoothies and muffins.
  • This simple and affordable 900g pack ensures you always have Bourn Vita to satisfy your desires. This beverage is ideal for large families or frequent drinkers. Bourn Vita tastes wonderful anytime because of the resealable packaging, which keeps it fresh and tasty.
  • Cadbury Bourn Vita transcends chocolate. This delicious drink contains vitamins and minerals. Bourn Vita will satisfy your taste buds and keep you healthy and energized, whether you drink it warm on a cold night or add it to dishes. Enjoy Bourn Vita, and make it a habit!


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