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Experience the rich flavours of Ghana with Blue Ray Hausa Koko, a traditional porridge produced using millet. This 500g pack offers a helpful and fast method for setting up a nutritious breakfast loaded with energy and taste. Ideal for occupied mornings, it’s a healthy beginning to your day.

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Discover West African cuisine with Blue Ray Hausa Koko, a fermented millet porridge mix that will bring Africa to your kitchen. Each serving of this 500g pack is a culinary experience, carefully prepared to maximize flavour and culture. Hausa Koko is a distinctive breakfast or snack food due to its somewhat sour flavour and silky texture.

  • This classic meal is easy to make and takes just a few steps to take you on a culinary adventure. Water and time make porridge a warm, comfortable breakfast that may be modified. You may make it taste better by adding sugar, honey, or salt. It’s versatile enough to go with milk, almonds, or fruits, which is one of its best qualities.
  • The Blue Ray Hausa Koko is nutritious. Matured millet, the principal part, upholds stomach-related well-being and gives magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. It’s likewise normally gluten-free, pursuing it an extraordinary decision for gluten-delicate individuals or those wishing to shift their grain diet.
  • This product uses high-quality millet, carefully obtained. Fermentation improves flavour and nutrient absorption. A pleasant and nutritious product is the goal of this careful manufacturing procedure.
  • This porridge mix saves time without sacrificing flavour or nutrients, making it ideal for hectic mornings or healthy snacks. It’s perfect for health-conscious people, families, and anybody interested in West African food. The ease of this combination makes a healthy, flavorful lunch only minutes away.
  • The Blue Ray Hausa Koko lets you experience various cuisines beyond eating. Each mouthful reminds you of Africa’s diverse culinary traditions and invites you to try new cuisines from other countries. If you enjoy African food or are new to it, this porridge mix will become a staple in your household.
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