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Blue Bay Kokonte Cassava Flour, a 1kg box of excellent gluten-free alternative flour, is versatile. This high-quality cassava flour is ideal for many recipes and is healthier. The natural gluten-free content makes it ideal for those with dietary requirements. Blue Bay serves healthy, tasty meals without sacrificing quality. Try it now to improve your cooking!

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African Blue Bay Kokonte Cassava Flour is a gourmet treat. Many African cooks use this flexible flour, manufactured from high-quality cassava tubers, for its health advantages and exquisite flavour. For lovers of deep, earthy African food, it comes in a handy 1kg box.

  • The smooth texture and peculiar flavour of this cassava flour-based delicacy, known as “Lafun” in certain parts, make it renowned. It serves as an excellent gluten-free substitute for wheat flour, catering to consumers seeking a more varied diet or those with gluten sensitivity. The high carbohydrate and dietary fibre content of this food contributes to its ability to enhance digestion and provide energy.
  • The best cassava roots are selected, peeled, dried, and processed to make Blue Bay Kokonte Cassava Flour. This careful technique preserves the flour’s flavour and nutritional content, making it a nutritious meal complement.
  • Kokonte flour is versatile and beneficial. It may be used in traditional African foods like fufu and banku and contemporary meals. It adds richness and flavour to soups and stews as a thickening.
  • Blue Bay Kokonte Cassava Flour is great for trying African cuisine or adding a wholesome and tasty element to your cooking. Beginner and expert chefs utilise it as a pantry essential due to its versatility.
  • Mix flour with hot water to make kokonte and serve it with your favourite soup or stew for a true flavour. Blue Bay Kokonte Cassava Flour’s quality, flavour, and variety will surprise African food lovers and newcomers alike.
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