Apple (Sweet) Banana – 1Kg


Enjoy our 1kg Apple Sweet Bananas. These bananas are excellent for snacks or adding to your favorite dishes due to their sweet, apple-like taste and silky texture. Our bananas are carefully grown and selected at the height of maturity for the freshest, tastiest fruit. Add tropical flavor to your meals and snacks with these bananas.

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Apple (Sweet) Banana – 1Kg

Enjoy our excellent Apple Sweet Bananas in 1kg containers to enhance your fruit consumption. From the best orchards, these bananas are special. Their apple-like sweetness combines two of nature’s most adored tastes into one remarkable experience. Each banana is chosen at its optimal maturity to provide the ideal sweetness and texture in every mouthful.

  • We grow our Apple Sweet Bananas sustainably and optimally. This improves fruit quality and helps farmers and the environment. You can feel good about buying a product that’s sustainably sourced and produced with low environmental effects.
  • Their versatility makes these bananas a great complement to your diet. They make a healthy snack, a sweet addition to cereal or yogurt, or a refreshing and energy-boosting smoothie. The apple-like sweetness makes them a great baking component, providing a wonderful flavor to banana bread, muffins, and other pastries.
  • These bananas are a nutrient and mineral powerhouse. They are plentiful in Vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber, and B nutrients, which further develop heart health and digestion. Eat these bananas to fulfill your nourishing necessities and partake in a delicious, regular treat.
  • Our 1kg bundle is ideal for convenience. It keeps you stocked up on these wonderful fruits for the week or a special occasion. The packaging keeps bananas fresh, so you may enjoy their best flavor and nutritional value anytime you want.
  • Our Apple Sweet Bananas represent quality, sustainability, and taste. Combining apple and banana tastes into one delicious fruit is unusual. They’ll become a diet mainstay owing to their nutrients and adaptability. Enjoy these bananas’ great taste and quality with your family to increase fruit consumption.Top of Form
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