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Ades Fine Semolina (1.5kg) is an exceptional quality fixing ideal for different cooking and baking recipes. Obtained from the best wheat, it guarantees a smooth texture and brilliant flavour in dishes like pasta, bread, and pastries. It is great for both home cooks and professional chefs.

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Discover the variety and quality of 1.5kg Ades Semolina Fine, a premium product that adds history and authenticity to your cuisine. This excellent semolina from the best durum wheat may be used to make pasta, bread, puddings, and cakes. Fine texture provides perfect consistency, making it excellent for individuals who value finer things.

  • This carefully crafted product enhances the tastes and textures of your favourite Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes. Chefs and household cooks need this superb semolina in their cupboards. Its adaptability lets you try new recipes and wow family and friends.
  • This fine semolina’s high protein concentration helps form a robust gluten network, giving baked items and pasta a great texture. Its mild, nutty aroma compliments many items, and its golden-yellow hue makes meals look good. This tasty food contains iron and B vitamins, making it a nutritious dinner alternative.
  • This fine semolina is simple to use in recipes. It adds smoothness and consistency to doughs and batters, improving their quality. This product is your key to professional-quality outcomes in the kitchen, whether you’re cooking a hefty loaf of bread, a delicate pastry, or a strong pasta dish.
  • Fine semolina in a 1.5kg package is ideal for modest and big culinary endeavours. Its resealable package keeps it fresh and flavorful for longer. For those who appreciate quality and cost, it’s a great deal without sacrificing flavour or texture.
  • Cooks and bakers need this high-quality, flexible semolina. Fine texture, nutritional value, and versatility make it a favourite among chefs. This product will add history and quality to your cooking, whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook.
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