Ades Ogi powder(yellow)-500g


Experience the traditional taste of African food with Ades Ogi Powder. This 500g pack offers a premium yellow cornmeal porridge blend, ideal for making a nutritious and delightful breakfast or snack. Enjoy the genuine flavour and surface of this staple food, a solid decision for the entire family.

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Our premium Ades Ogi Powder(yellow) is a yellow maize-fermented African cereal pudding. This 500g product has a distinct flavour and nutritional advantages to please your taste buds. Our Ades Ogi Powder yellow is carefully processed to preserve the flavour and healthiness of yellow maize, making it a great breakfast or snack.

  • Our Ades Ogi Powder(yellow) is tasty and nutritious. Yellow maize is high in fibre, nutrients, and minerals, which advance a decent eating routine and health. This item is great for individuals wanting a healthy, simple-to-plan supper.
  • Easy and flexible Ades Ogi Powder(yellow) preparation. It makes a creamy, hot or cold pudding when blended with water or milk. Add honey, sugar, cinnamon, or nutmeg for a classic taste. It’s a great breakfast or snack.
  • Our Ades Ogi Powder Yellow is manufactured from premium yellow maize from trustworthy farmers to assure quality. We employ ancient fermenting methods to provide a tasty, genuine product. Ades Ogi Powder yellow tastes great anytime you want since our packaging keeps it fresh and easy to preserve.
  • Besides tasting great, our Ades Ogi Powder(yellow) has several health advantages. It provides natural energy to start or power your day. Fibre assists digestion and supports a healthy gut, while vitamins and minerals boost health.
  • Experience the original flavour and nutritious value of our Ades Ogi Powder(yellow). Our Ades Ogi Powder(yellow) can fulfil your demands for a quick breakfast or a comfortable snack. Try it now to enjoy authentic African food at home.
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