Ades Ogi Powder (white)-500g


Ades Ogi Powder White 500g is a customary Nigerian staple produced using fermented cornmeal. It’s a flexible, nutritious, and simple to-plan fixing, ideal for making a smooth and soothing porridge. Partake in the bona fide taste of Nigeria with this top-notch, natural product.

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Discover our premium Ades Ogi Powder White, a traditional African fermented grain porridge that has been a home favourite for centuries. A 500g box is the best introduction to Ogi’s distinctive flavour and health advantages. Our Ades Ogi Powder is professionally produced from finely ground white maize to preserve taste and healthiness.

  • Ogi is popular for breakfast and snacking due to its light, refreshing flavour. High in carbs, it offers energy quickly. It’s easy to digest and suited for newborns to adults, making it a favourite weaning meal.
  • Our Ades Ogi Powder is multifunctional. It’s generally filled in as porridge, yet it might also be utilized in pancakes and biscuits to lend another touch to your number one food source. Its gentle flavour makes it ideal for sweet and exquisite garnishes, letting you customize your meals.
  • Our Ades Ogi Powder is easy to prepare, making it ideal for hectic mornings. Mix the powder with water to your preferred consistency, simmer for a few minutes, and serve. It may be eaten or with milk, sugar, honey, or fruits for a healthier supper.
  • Our Ades Ogi Powder White is loved for its flavour, convenience, and health advantages. Due to fermentation, it contains probiotics that support gut health and digestion. Celiac and gluten-sensitive people may enjoy it since it’s gluten-free.
  • We take pleasure in providing a high-quality, traditional, and nutritious OGI product. Enjoy true Ogi anytime, wherever, with our Ades Ogi Powder White, which is meticulously preserved for freshness and durability. If you like Ogi or want to try something new, our Ades Ogi Powder will satisfy your taste sensations and help you eat healthily.
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