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Ades Lafun Cassava Flour unleashes Africa’s true flavour. This high-quality 4-kg bundle is perfect for creating fufu, bread, and pancakes. It is hypoallergenic, multifunctional, and excellent for all your culinary needs, made from superior cassava.

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The 4-kg Ades Lafun Cassava Flour bag is a pantry essential you can trust. Premium cassava flour adds taste to many recipes. Ades Lafun Cassava Flour thickens soups and stews and makes great bread and pancakes.

  • Ades Lafun The gluten-free benefit of cassava flour is tremendous. Gluten-sensitive people can eat it. High in carbs, cassava flour can fill and energise you.
  • The 4kg box is well-suited for households or organisations who wish to get a significant quantity of this essential element. Commercial kitchens, restaurants, and caterers can utilise it. Ades Lafun Cassava Flour is important in every dish that demands variety.
  • Cassava flour is known for its smooth texture and unbiased flavor, making it an extraordinary option in contrast to wheat flour in numerous recipes. Individuals who follow a gluten-free diet or those who enjoy trying new and exciting foods might consider sampling Ades Lafun Cassava Flour.
  • Traditional medicinal and personal care items use cassava flour, which is also used in cooking. It may improve skin and digestive health. Enjoy tasty recipes and health advantages by adding Ades Lafun Cassava Flour to your diet.
  • Ades Lafun Cassava Flour is versatile and easy to use in many cuisines. This flour may thicken soups and stews and produce gluten-free baked items. The big 4-kilogramme package keeps this must-have ingredient available at all times.
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