Ades Lafun Cassava flour- 1.5kg


Experience the best Ades Lafun Cassava Flour, a 1.5kg pack ideal for without-gluten recipes. This top-notch flour is great for customary African dishes and present-day culinary creations. Improve your cooking with its smooth texture and authentic taste. Embrace a healthier way of life with this flexible, all-natural ingredient.

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African food comes alive in your kitchen with Ades Lafun Cassava Flour, a premium flour. This tasty and nutritious cassava flour comes from Africa’s rich areas and is created from the best cassava tubers.

  • This 1.5kg container of Ades Lafun Cassava Flour is ideal for adventurous cooks who want to add unique flavours. This cassava flour is flexible and simple to use, making it a fantastic pantry addition for chefs and home cooks. It’s great for gluten-free recipes and Nigerian foods like Lafun.
  • Cassava flour is high in carbs, fiber, nutrients, and minerals, making it healthy. Gluten-delicate individuals and those looking for diet enhancement could attempt it rather than wheat flour. Ades Lafun Cassava Flour makes healthful, tasty recipes without sacrificing flavour.
  • Cooking with cassava flour is effortless and satisfying. It is ideal for delectable baked goods, stews, sauces, and silky, lump-free porridge. Its neutral flavour and delicate consistency render it a versatile sweet and savoury ingredient.
  • This 1.5kg box provides enough flour for numerous cooking sessions at a terrific price. The packaging keeps African cassava flour fresh, so you may enjoy its unique flavour longer.
  • Enjoy African cuisine at home with Ades Lafun Cassava Flour. This high-quality cassava flour will become a kitchen staple whether you’re trying new ideas or making classic African cuisine.Top of Form


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Additional information

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