Ades Ground Egusi-100g


Ades Ground Egusi has several tastes and nutritional advantages. Traditional soups and stews benefit from this 100g container of finely powdered melon seeds. Its high protein and vitamin content make it a healthful addition to any meal. Every bite is full of flavour and quality.

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Discover the delicious flavour and health benefits of ground egusi, a West African staple. The 100g pack makes adding this versatile seed to your recipes easy.

  • Ground egusi, made from melon seeds, thickens and tastes nutty. It is essential to soups and stews, adding depth and velvetiness. This pantry staple is essential for making Nigerian egusi soup or trying new recipes.
  • Nutritionally, egusi is excellent. The inclusion of protein, essential fatty acids, and vitamins in this meal supplement makes it highly healthy. The elevated protein composition of this product is well-suited for individuals who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet and are in search of protein derived from plants.
  • Our finely ground egusi powder makes meals creamy and silky. Add it to soup or stew at the end of cooking to thicken and flavour it.
  • In order to provide a superior outcome, we exclusively utilise egusi sourced from reliable suppliers. You can conveniently substitute your essential kitchen ingredients or experiment with new culinary creations using the product’s 100g container.
  • Our meticulously pulverised egusi will infuse the genuine flavours of West African cuisine into your dishes, enhancing your dining experience. For individuals seeking to add healthier items to their diet or enjoy the varied fragrances of African cuisine, it is an essential ingredient.
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