AAA Lion head – jasmine fragrant rice – 2kg


AAA Lion Head Jasmine Fragrant Rice has a luxurious scent and quality. From the best rice paddies, this 2kg box guarantees freshness and taste in every grain. Upgrade your meals with this premium rice, which is excellent for many dishes.

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AAA Lion Head Jasmine Fragrant Rice is noted for its fragrant aroma and fluffy texture. This 2kg bundle represents authenticity and heritage in every grain from the best fields.

  • Many Asian homes rely on this fragrant rice. Its long, slender grains work well in steaming rice, biryanis, and pilafs. Jasmine offers a lovely scent to any meal, making rice lovers appreciate it.
  • AAA Lion Head Jasmine Fragrant Rice follows strict quality controls to ensure the finest quality. For keeping rice fresh and flavorful, every step is controlled, from planting to harvesting. This produces a product of the finest taste and purity.
  • This rice is delectable and uncomplicated to prepare. Rinse the rice, then add water and cook it until it becomes light and airy. AAA Lion Head Jasmine Fragrant Rice is a versatile and convenient option for cooking meals for individuals or groups.
  • The AAA Lion Head Jasmine Fragrant Rice is both delectable and nourishing. Due to its natural composition, this product is free from gluten and contains a minimal amount of fat, making it appropriate for a wide range of dietary needs. Additionally, it provides energy, rendering it a nourishing option for dinner.
  • Start cooking with AAA Lion Head Jasmine Fragrant Rice immediately and enjoy its delicious scent and flavour. With its quality and taste, this aromatic rice will enhance any rice meal.
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