AAA -Jasmine fragrant rice – 10kg


Use this 10kg pack of excellent fragrant jasmine rice to enhance your cooking. This fragrant rice type from top farms is known for its delicious flavour and fluffy texture. Suitable for Asian and modern fusion foods.

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Gourmet AAA Jasmine Airy, aromatic rice. Aroma and flavour are preserved by carefully producing this rice from the best farms. With long, lean grains, a nutritious meal is complete.

  • This 10kg AAA Jasmine Fragrant Rice box is perfect for restaurants, caterers, and families. It’s affordable and provides plenty of high-quality rice for cooking. This pack is perfect for family dinners or large gatherings.
  • Cooking the rice is simple and yields a lovely meal. It absorbs flavours nicely, making it great for many dishes. AAA Jasmine Fragrant Rice will dazzle in classic or creative rice dishes.
  • Rice lovers love AAA Jasmine Fragrant Rice for its flavour and consistency. Complementing stir-fries, curries, and other meals enhances the dining experience. Meals are more enjoyable when they smell good.
  • This 10kg box ensures busy kitchens always have high-quality rice. AAA Jasmine Fragrant Rice is ideal for large families and businesses. Stock up on premium rice to improve your cooking.
  • Premium AAA Jasmine Fragrant Rice enhances dining. Good quality and scent make this rice appealing to even the pickiest eaters. AAA Jasmine Fragrant Rice is delicious and fragrant. Customers who value quality and wish to improve their cooking will love this 10kg box. This rice will become a culinary favourite with its long, delicate grains and delicious scent.
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